The OMFG Cosmetic Pro program is designed to support makeup artists, industry professionals and makeup students. OMFG Cosmetics offers a 32% discount for makeup artists & 20% discount for makeup students.


Must be currently employed as a professional makeup artists to receive a 32% discount off products retail price. Membership is valid for 2 years. Currently only available to professionals in the US.


To apply you must submit an application form (found below), a copy of your government/state photo ID, AND 2 of the following:

– Makeup artist license
– Professional website
– Composite card
– Union card
– Reference letter from current employer (must be makeup related and verifiable)
– Editorial page name credit (Indicate your name by underlining, circling or highlighting.)
– Crew call list on production company letterhead (Indicate your name by underlining, circling or highlighting.)



To apply for student status you must be currently enrolled cosmetics, cosmetology or esthetics. Approved students receive a 20% discount off the retail price of all products. Membership is valid for 1 year. Currently only available to professionals and students in the US.

Must submit an application form, copy of a government/state photo ID AND 2 of the following:
– Letter of acceptance
– Class schedule
– Confirmation of class enrollment

(Documents must indicate name and date of enrollment.)


1. Read the OMFG Cosmetics Rules & Guidelines and agree to them (there is a check box on the application).

2. Register for an account on OMFG. If you do not have an account you can create one here.

3. Fill out application below and attach all requested documentation.

Application must be submitted with all information requested, Incomplete applications will not be processed. Please allow to 7-10 business days for your application to be processed and reviewed. You will be notified via email of your membership status.


OMFG Cosmetics Pro membership is a free program which is only available to professional makeup artists, beauty professionals and makeup students within the United States. Makeup artists membership require renewal biannually. Makeup students membership require renewal annually. Any and all benefits associated with the OMFG Cosmetics Pro program may only be used by the artist or student to whom it is issued use for any other purpose (friends, family, for profit etc) will have their membership revoked permanently and will no longer be illegible to participate in the program. OMFG Cosmetics reserves the right to deny or revoke membership benefits of any member or end the program at any time. OMFG Cosmetics reserves the right to request for additional documentation at any given time. OMFG Cosmetics reserves the right to modify program and its benefits at any time without prior notice. OMFG Cosmetics reserves the right to limit the number of purchases and spend limits. All applicants are subject to approval.


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