About us

OMFG COSMETICS is an indie cosmetic brand that strives to provide the best quality and best presentation while still maintaining affordability. Every product we create and sell is always 100% vegan and cruelty free. OMFG Cosmetics is designed to fit all shapes, sizes, shades and genders, attitudes, faiths and so on we love any one who loves make up and we love to see individuality and diversity in the beauty community. We love helping others and we love those in the beauty community who share love and positivity to others through makeup.

I started OMFG COSMETICS in 2017 (we officially opened August 15th 2017) and was created by my self, Nicki (aka @omfgreallynicki). I  have always loved makeup and loved the fact that you can take 20 different brands to create one look, I love that there is so much variety and they can all work together cohesively! Makeup is my passion and addiction lol.

I am the mother to 3 adopted children. In my house adoption is something to be proud of and celebrate.  I am proud of this and each time had its difficulties and victories and #2  in my house it is not a secret or something to feel awkward about instead we are open and talk about it even at a young age because I never want them to feel ashamed or embarrassed I want them to feel proud and confident about it.

I first got the idea for OMFG COSMETICS when I was working a job I hated with a boss that was constantly making my life difficult and who was allowing another staff member to harass me and invade my private space on a daily basis (my house was included with employment). I finally had enough after this person tripped one of my children intentionally and my supervisor and even higher boss told me "to suck it up and do my job" I was angry and disgusted. That evening I decided to scrape what money I had together and invest in my dream and myself, I had long planned to open a cosmetic company but just never made it happen... Life, work etc always kept me from making it happen. I began working on OMFG COSMETICS in  2016 and took a little almost a year to finally release my products. I love make up and OMFG COSMETICS and I truly Hope you will too!


Our adorable ice cream graphics were drawn by Melvin Banuelos (IG: @MelvMelv530)